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It is my pleasure to provide a reference in support of Alice David, who has been employed by our family since 2009. She has skillfully coordinated a team of capable, compassionate, and competent caregivers to provide 24-hours, 7 days a week care for our aged and ailing mother. Under her supervision, our mother has received top-notch personal care and watchful attention to medications and changes in her physical status requiring revisions to the plan of care, promptly reported to family and nursing staff.

When issues arise, such as questions regarding medications or procedure as our mother's physical condition has deteriorated, Alice has been an unfailing advocate for her client's (our mother's) best interest and has communicated clearly and compassionately with us and others on the team, despite occasional differences of opinion. In the end, her recommendations have turned out to be right, every time. Her experience and understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of the aging process are evident, as she anticipates not only the physical changes, but the emotional components, as well as one loses control and autonomy, and the inevitable frustration and confusion that accompany these losses.

In matters of supervision, Alice has recruited a quality staff and trained them well to understand our mother from a client-centered standpoint, which has been very successful with, quite frankly, a difficult person. Alice is trustworthy, proactive, and anticipates eventualities and needs before they occur. She demonstrates the highest ethical and moral standards I can imagine. The best of all is that, under Alice's loving care for 5 of 7 day a week for several years now, our mother has been allowed and encouraged to open up emotionally in a way she never could her whole life. This has been an amazing gift for everyone in the family constellation.

In short, Alice David has our complete trust and confidence. Should there be any one looking for In-Home care, I highly recommend Alice David.
Chapel Hill NC.


To whom it may concern:

I would like to commend the care given by Alice David to my father-in-law and mother-in-law. Several years ago my in-laws were involved in an auto accident in which my father-in-law suffered an apparent heart attack that aggravated his already delicate condition due to prostate cancer and chemotherapy. My mother-in-law suffered a head injury and broke both of her legs. Round the clock care was needed for both, and Mrs. David entered this difficult situation shortly after Christmas of 2008, where she was one of several on the team that provided care. Mrs. David provided excellent care for my father-in-law until his passing away in January of 2009. After that, she continued to provide care for my mother-in-law during her recovery.

After the passage of time, Mrs. David became the coordinator of my mother-in-law’s care. She selected a team of hard-working competent compassionate caregivers and coordinated my mother-in-law’s care with family members, doctors, therapists, and other nurses.
My mother-in-law was a large woman, wheelchair-bound, diabetic, and suffered from significant knee and back ailments due to arthritis and other ailments. She also suffered from dementia and was on a regimen of involving numerous medications. She was constantly visiting doctors and so had to be helped in and out of wheelchairs and vehicles.

Mrs. David did an outstanding job in providing excellent care through all these circumstances with grace, patience, and professionalism. She was very intelligent, flexible, committed and hardworking through many difficult circumstances. She handled her team with skill and made sure excellent care was given and schedules were kept.

Mrs. David’s care was provided in my mother-in-law’s home and in three different retirement or convalescent settings as well as numerous hospital stays. Her care for my mother-in-law ended when she was transferred to a top flight convalescent home that provided the round the clock care that Mrs. David’s team had provided. My mother in- law passed away several months later.
In summary, Mrs. David’s work was a combination of great skill, high competence, and sterling character. We highly recommend her for any work she is requested to do.

A satisfied customer
Durham, NC